About Us


Shirts & Skins started as a basketball lifestyle apparel brand in 1994.  From our inception, we understood the importance of being ingrained in hoop culture which required us to go where the game goes.


We have worked with many great basketball organizations, businesses and individuals over the years that share the same passion as we do. This constant direct interaction provided valuable insights that allowed us to evolve our product offerings and serve as a constant reminder that staying connected to the game was critical to our growth. 



Shirts & Skins entered the team market in 2002 with the introduction of our high quality "reversible" game uniform. Prior to our entry, reversible uniforms were typically made of cheap micro-mesh fabrics and marketed primarily as practice wear. With already tight athletic budgets, many schools needed to stretch their dollars to pay for their uniforms. As a solution, we introduced a game-style reversible uniform at an affordable price and offered it as a stock program. The stylish and high-quality "Game Look" of our Reversible Game Uniform gave it a unique advantage over other manufacturers who did not offer a game styled reversible uniform. Essentially, we re-invented the reversible uniform category based on market opportunity and satisfied a demand.


Shirts & Skins offers a wide range of custom and stock team products for the basketball market. Our clean designs, high-quality fabrics, and modern cuts combined with a commitment to personalized service allow us a unique advantage over other manufacturers.



  • Highest Quality Basketball Uniforms Available
  • Small Independent Company that Offers Personalized Service
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Basketball is our passion