Online Team Store FAQs

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Tell me a little bit about your online store?  Our online store is ideal for teams and schools wanting to sell uniforms and/or spirit wear to their players, students, and family members.  We work with athletic directors, coaches, and uniform coordinators.  We handle everything so you can focus on coaching and teaching. 


How does it work?  We typically want to find out what your objective is for the store and then we can suggest the best way to meet your objective.  For example, if you are an AD of a high school or middle school and want to set up an athletic “spirit” store, we have an assortment of products that will cater to most school needs such as tees and sweats.  We can also set up a “team” store if you want your players and parents to order their uniforms and spirit wear.  A “Flash” store is also popular if you have one or two items that you want everyone to order and wear. 


What are the different store types?  There are 3 different types of stores that we use from our vendor called Team Uniform Orders (TUO)

  1. Club Stores (complex store setup, customer required to fill out club profile)
  • Designed for large sport organizations with multiple teams and player rosters
  • Contains one or more catalogs of products
  1. Team Stores
  • Designed for small sport organizations with single team and player roster
  • Contains a single catalog of products
    1. Spirit Stores (most popular) **Recommended
    • Designed for all organizations
    • Contains a single catalog of products 


    What kind of products do you offer? We primarily focus on apparel and accessories.  We primarily offer our own Shirts & Skins brand of products that we manufacture, but we also have access to other vendors such as SanMar which is the largest apparel supplier in the US.  Sanmar has large distribution centers across the US and carries their own brands such as Sport-Tek (athletic-inspired apparel), District (fashion forward slim cuts and styles for the youthfully minded), Port Authority (classic apparel) and Port & Company (value-conscious, everyday apparel).



    Tell me about the store “Open” and “Close” dates?  The store is set up with an “Open” and “Close” date for your players and parents to place their orders online during a specific time period.  Once the store closes, then we will not be able to accept any new orders or changes to an order.  The reason is because we have to place our orders with our vendors and get the products decorated right away.


    How long does it take for delivery?  We typically need about 3 weeks to start shipping out orders plus additional shipping transit time.  All orders are shipped either UPS Ground or USPS Priority Mail.  We ship from Tualatin, Oregon so the shipping transit time could take 1-5 business days depending on the location of the recipient. 


    What are the delivery options?  We have 3 delivery options: 1) Shipping directly to recipient 2) Bulk Delivery to one address for the coach to distribute to players, 3) Pickup at our office.  The most popular is #1 shipping directly to the recipient.


    Do you charge a handling fee and shipping?  Yes, we charge a $2.00 flat handling fee for all orders.  Shipping is additional and is calculated based on the range of order dollar amount, but we offer free shipping for orders over a certain amount. 


    What is your policy on returns or exchanges?  All products are made-to-order after the store closes.  We cannot accept returns or exchanges unless it's due to a manufacturers defect.


    Do you offer a year round store?  Most of the stores have an open and close date.  However, we can set up a year round store after determining if this is the best solution to meet your objective. 


    How much does it cost?  We have a $250 per store set-up fee.  However, if your store meets our minimum gross sales of $2,500 or 12 pieces per logo placement and application, then we will waive the set-up fee. 


    Can I use the online store as a fundraiser?  Yes, we can build a commission into the store.  However, it will increase the prices of the products.  We typically suggest a commission rate of 5 to 15% based on Items Ordered (Total Sales minus Shipping & Handling fees), but most of our customers will go with a 10% commission rate to keep the online store prices affordable for their players and parents.  If the store does not meet the above minimum, then we would deduct the commission from the $250 set-up fee. 


    How do I get started?  Once we identify your objective and the best way to handle your needs, we start the store building process right away.  We typically need 3-5 days to set up a store if you use our Spirit store with pre-established product assortments.  If you have specific products that you want to offer, then we may need more time.  Once the store is set up, then we send you a link of the store with specific instructions on how to promote it.  Critical to the success of the store is your ability to get the word out to players and parents. 

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